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I am a computer geek who spends most of his time in front of a pc, banging his head for small problems and smiling with joy for little solutions. I am a web developer + designer from the profession. As human life is always in a state of learning new things till the end I am the one of the many who have decided to spend their life in the research of web development.

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Better Man

hard to the un-judged time...
searching for the rhyme
undressed and the undone inside
still standing with self pride
no hell is the road that i'm going
no hell is my smile
no hell is the time lapsing
no hell in the sunshine
living dreaming and yet screaming
no way that could stop
neither could be done again
nor could it be flip flopped
life is still going as ever
flying will be the wings
right man needs a living fever
not an extraordinary swing.

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Kamal Raj Silwal

Kathmandu, Nepal
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